JUNE 16, 2017
IV International Corporate Secretaries’ Forum

Worldwide the Corporate Secretary is one of the senior executives, who is responsible for coordinating the work on corporate governance in the company. Legal and administrative support of management and executive bodies, exchange of information among owners, managers and shareholders depend on the person of Corporate Secretary.

Ukrainian banks and companies have been using the institute of Corporate Secretary widely already. In Ukraine the corporate secretary is not regulated by national legislation, and the requirements are formed according to the best corporate governance practices applied in Europe and North America. The availability of corporate secretary in the company significantly improves communications and makes the entire system of corporate governance more efficient. The more transparent and clearer corporate governance is, the investor has more confidence in the company, so there are much more chances to attract funding.

Therefore, mastering the achievements of both Ukrainian and foreign colleagues is important not only for the corporate secretary, but also for the entire company.

Corporate Secretaries’ Forum is the main forum for discussion of the regulatory innovations, the best practices of foreign colleagues in corporate law and governance.


  • To inspire the participants, to show the importance of the work of the corporate secretary
  • To give the corporate secretaries new knowledge and technologies, to pass on to them best practices
  • To consolidate the professional community in the sphere of corporate governance


  • Members of the management boards, the supervisory boards and Internal Audit Commissions, as well as candidates for these positions;
  • Lawyers practicing in the field of corporate law;
  • Corporate Secretaries of JSCs and persons performing their functions;
  • Specialists of consulting and audit firms working in the field of corporate governance, or planning to start such work;
  • Shareholders (including the officials of the banks, the investment companies, other participants of the stock market).


Within the framework of the Forum, the award ceremony of the winners of the Corporate Secretary of the Year competition will be held. The nominees will share their work experience, present business cases to the participants of the Forum and hold master classes on “Corporate Secretary’s Experience”.

Tasks of the Competition:

  • Implementation of the highest standards and the best practices of corporate governance, in particular, the work of the Supervisory Boards in Ukrainian companies;
  • Increasing the status of the profession of the corporate secretary;
  • Assessment and recognition of the personal contribution of the corporate secretary to the development of corporate governance of his company.

More about the Competition (Ukr)


Date: June 16, 2017

Venue: ArtHall D12, st. Desyatinnaya, 12

The cost of participation: 3980 UAH. (Early bird registration before 1 May 2017 – 2980 UAH.)

Contact: Iryna Bilyachenko +380 44 22-88-759, 278-12-52, info@paku-old.sitegist.net.@paku-old.sitegist.net.