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About the Association

Corporate Governance Professional Association was established in 2009, and is a leading community of experts and is a centre of the reforms’ generating in corporate governance in Ukraine.


We support Ukrainian businesses to become more profitable, stable and reliable system through the development of corporate governance.


Professionalism​ We focus on professional development of experts in the field of corporate governance.
Openness​ Transparency.   We are ready to share experience and information, and to adopt constructive proposals from the professional community and business.
Trust​ We adhere to professional and ethical standards in our activities, so we are trusted and have a good reputation.
Indifference towards politics​ We do not participate in any political process and do not support any political parties, associations and movements.


  • We create a centre of knowledge, expert reviews, and experience sharing for specialists of Ukrainian business.
  • We provide business and government institutions with expert recommendations and guidelines on corporate governance.
  • We organize training and provide certification of corporate (independent) directors and corporate secretaries.
  • We help CGPA members to find a decent job; business and state gets high-level professionals.
  • We develop, adopt and implement standards of ethics in corporate governance.


  1. Leadership among the professional community in the field of corporate governance in Ukraine.
  2. A comprehensive systematic involvement in the creation and implementation of an effective national corporate law.
  3. Partnership with specialized international organizations and associations.
  4. Significant experience in building the corporate governance systems in accordance with the standards of the world’s leading exchanges and the needs of owners of big and medium businesses; in particular, organising the effective operation of supervisory boards and corporate secretaries.
  5. Organising the annual International Corporate Secretaries Forum and annual International Corporate Directors Forum , which are the key business-events in Ukraine in the field of corporate governance and organisation management.
  6. The idea, development and implementation of the annual competition of “Corporate Secretary of the Year”.
  7. Creating the balanced system of educational programs on corporate governance; programs are updated regularly and are always in demand in Ukraine