Kyiv, Volodymyrska street, 23

Ukrainian Corporate Governance Institute

Ukrainian Corporate Governance Institute (hereinafter – Institute).

Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, the Institute ensures the implementation of key statutory tasks of CGPA and is to become the leading educational, research and consulting organization in the field of corporate governance and business strategy. Since the foundation, the Institute is a teaching and research centre of CGPA.

The purpose of the Institute is to help business managers (owners, members of supervisory boards, executive directors and other officials) to solve problems they face in their work.

We believe that effective corporate governance system:

  • is a key factor of competitiveness, sustainable development, and business value increase;
  • minimizes costs for management, control, capital raising and economic security;
  • limits the risks connected with conflicts of interest and external threats;
  • is an important condition for attracting investments and harmonization of relations with key stakeholders of companies;
  • is very important both for public and for private and family companies.

Institute’s products are: the researches; educational programs; a wide range of consulting projects; information product “Package of information application for specialists of corporate governance”

Educational programs of the Institute:

  1. “Effective Supervisory Board” (training for members of supervisory boards)
  2. Specialized program “Corporate Secretary”
  3. Workshop “General Meeting of Shareholders: practical advice, litigation”
  4. Workshop “Activities of management and protection of shareholders rights”
  5. Workshop “Activity of the joint stock company on the stock market”
  6. Workshop “Corporate governance and anti-corruption practices”
  7. Workshop “Corporate Management “
  8. Workshop “Legal and organizational aspects of JSC’s reorganizing by merging, separation, division, transformation, and accession”
  9. Workshop “Major transactions and related party transactions: order of fullfilment, coordination and execution. Conflict situations”
  10. Workshop “News in corporate legislation. Litigation of Corporate Disputes “
  11. Workshop “Partnership Agreement”

These programs are implemented both in «open» and in a “corporate format” (for members of one company). In a corporate format programs’ content can be adopted according to the customer’s wishes.