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Reviewing the charter, regulations and protocols of corporate events of jscs

The main purpose of working with the project consultant is to bring the company’s internal regulatory documents in line with the requirements of the new legislation. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to get acquainted with innovations and to apply them in the process of improving the model of corporate governance of the Company.

Documents that can be provided for review:

1. Charter

2. Regulations on the procedure for convening and holding a general meeting of shareholders

3. Regulations on the Supervisory Board

4. Regulations on the Executive Body

5. Regulations on the Audit Commission (Auditor)

6. Regulations on the procedure for the execution of major transactions and interested-party transactions

7. Regulation on officials

8. Regulation of the Corporate Secretary

9. Information Policy of JSC

10. Minutes of “problematic” general meetings of shareholders (meetings of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board, the Audit Commission)

11. Other documents related to corporate governance issues

The results (as long as the Customer follows the recommendations of the Consultant):

  • The Charter, Regulations and / or Minutes of the Company comply with the requirements of the new Law “On Joint Stock Companies”, other regulatory documents concerning the activities of joint-stock companies in Ukraine
  • The Charter, Regulations and / or Minutes of the Company are an integral and harmonized system of local regulations
  • The Charter, Regulations and / or Minutes of the Company are TOOLS for the implementation of the agreements between its shareholders (in achieving the goals of the majority shareholder)
  • Owners and / or top-managers of the Company are ready to consciously and purposefully use the Charter and the Company’s Regulations in the process of realizing their own corporate rights and performing their duties

Stages of the project:

  • Familiarization of the consultant with the current Charter and the Company’s Regulations
  • Familiarization with the drafts of the new edition of the Company’s Charter and Regulations developed by the Customer, corporate events minutes
  • Consultation meeting (2-3 hours) with the owners and / or top managers of the Company to clarify the goals and objectives that need to be developed, familiarize them with the appropriate opportunities, consider options for resolving the aspects of the corporate governance model of the Company
  • Preparation of a written final version of the report with comments and suggestions on the possible finalization of reviewed documents
  • Discussion of the final version of the report with the Customer’s representatives; answers to questions regarding the proposals, consultations on the mechanisms for their approval and practical implementation (2-3 hours)
  • Consultations with the Customer’s representatives on issues arising in the process of applying the Charter, the Company’s Regulations and / or Protocols, adjusted in accordance with the adviser’s recommendations (4 hours)

The approximate duration of the project is 1-1.5 months.

Detailed information about the project can be obtained from:

Oleksandr Okuniev

Chairman of the CGPA Management Board

Tel: +38 044 228-87-59

Mob: +38 097 212-25-58

Email: A.Okunev@cgpa.com.ua