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15.07.2020“Why does Ukraine lose assets?” Oleksandr Okuniev commented to the “Uryadovy Kurier” newspaper.

Oleksandr Okuniev, Chairman of the Management Board of the Corporate Governance Professional Association, commented to the Uryadovy Kurier newspaper on supervisory boards’ activities at enterprises with state stakes.

Most foreigners – members of supervisory boards of our state companies – are decent people, specialists with an impeccable reputation. Another thing is that they are caught in an unfamiliar environment: they are not given specific tasks, they are put under pressure and the like. There is no mechanism of systematic work of the state with supervisory boards, evaluation of the efficiency of boards and their members. Members of supervisory boards are often used; they are used as a cover. The very fact of the existence of independent members of boards prevents specific agents from doing illegal business at state companies. The causes of our problems are not in these people.

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