Kyiv, Volodymyrska street, 23

26-27 March 2019
Program for the Professional Development of Supervisory Board Members «CORPORATE DIRECTOR» (Module I)

The Program for the Professional Development of Supervisory Board Members «CORPORATE DIRECTOR» consists of two modules and will finish by the meeting with the members of the Registry Advisory Board of the National Registry of Corporate Directors.

Key points of the Program:

  • How to coordinate the interests of the company’s co-owners? How to agree with business partners?
  • What company’s management tools will convince partners and investors that their interests are reliably protected?
  • What mechanisms allow the owner to control effectively his business, not being in the chair of the executive director?
  • How to ensure that the hired manager works in the interests of the shareholders? What should be written down in the contract with the director?
  • Who and how should develop and approve the company’s strategy and control its implementation?
  • What should a member of the Supervisory Board know for effective performing of his functions?
  • How to attract investment in business on the most favorable terms without losing corporate control?
  • How to protect the company from attempts to capture it from the inside and out?

Participation in the program will become the opportunity for the members of the Supervisory Boards of joint-stock companies, business owners and top executive management of companies to join the elite community of business colleagues who solve the similar issues, as well as:

  • How clearly to distinguish and regulate in the Charter of the JSC the powers of the owner and manager of the company;
  • How to create an effective and professional Supervisory Board of the own company, establish its effective work;
  • On examples of real companies, they will take part in the simulated situations of the adoption of strategic decisions by the Supervisory Board on the development of the enterprise;
  • They will clarify the role of the Supervisory Board in preventing and resolving corporate conflicts;
  • They will learn how to evaluate the results of the work of the Supervisory Board as a whole and of each of its members;
  • They will be acquainted with the practice of the Supervisory Board’s activities in Ukraine and abroad.

For more details contact, please,  Iryna Bilyachenko via tel. +380 44 228 87 59, +380 44 278 12 52, e-mail: Irina.Bilyachenko@cgpa.com.ua