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Webinar «Corporate Secretary»

The Law of Ukraine «On Joint Stock Companies» provides for the introduction of Corporate Secretary positions in joint-stock companies with the assignment of functions to organize corporate governance activities in these companies. This position is already included in the National Occupational Classification.

The introduction of a Corporate Secretary in Ukraine is mandatory: from 01/01/2016. – for all joint-stock companies, shares and bonds of which are included in the exchange register and from 01.01.2018r. – for all public joint stock companies.

In most countries of the world, the Corporate Secretary is the key officer that facilitates the coordination of the work of all JSC’s management bodies, the exchange of information between these bodies and shareholders preparing draft corporate documents, and resolve other legal and organizational issues related to corporate governance in the JSC.

Ukrainian Corporate Governance Institute invites to join the webinar «Corporate Secretary».

The purpose of the webinar:

– to understand the importance of the position of the corporate secretary in the company;

– to determine and regulate in the Charter the role and place of the Corporate Secretary in the management structure of the JSC;

– to acquaint participants with the main directions and forms of work in the office of the Corporate Secretary;

– to tell about the training program “Corporate Secretary” and the terms of participation in it.

The webinar focuses on:

– lawyers practicing in the field of corporate law;

– managers (persons working in boards, supervisory boards and auditing commissions of joint-stock companies) and candidates for these positions;

– corporate secretaries of joint-stock companies;

– specialists of consulting and audit firms working on corporate governance issues, or planning to start such work;

– shareholders (including – bank officials, investment companies, securities brokers, etc.);

– for all those who are interested in this topic.

Participation is free of charge.

Preliminary registration is required! Registration time is until 3 pm, September 13, 2017.

For additional information, please contact Iryna Bilyachenko by tel.: 044 – 228-87-59, 278-12-52 or e-mail: Irina.Bilychenko@paku-old.sitegist.net.