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The Registry may include the professionals who in accordance with the laws of Ukraine have the right to be elected as members of the supervisory boards of legal entities (hereinafter – Applicants).

For inclusion in the Registry, the Candidate shall submit (send) electronically to the CGPA: registry@cgpa.com.ua the following documents​:

  1. an application for inclusion in the Registry (Eng);
  2. consent to personal data processing and disclosure(Eng);
  3. a profile(Eng);
  4. a copy of the passport;
  5. copies of documents of higher education;
  6. copies of qualification in the field of corporate governance (if any);
  7. copy of the work record book (if any), recommendations and other documents showing the Candidate’s experience in corporate governance (if any);
  8. other documents describing qualifications, professional and personal qualities, and the Candidate’s reputation (letters, information about public or social distinctions, awards, etc.);
  9. a free-form cover letter specifying: (a) the reasons that, according to the Candidate, qualify him or her for election to supervisory boards (professional education, qualifications, experience, impeccable business reputation, etc.); (b) the Candidate’s vision of their personal mission if elected to a supervisory board;
  10. a CV and the description of the results of the Candidate’s work in the management of business entities (if any);
  11. a short video-presentation to members of the Board (optional); and
  12. consent to the verification of the Candidate’s information(Eng).

Documents that require the Candidate’s personal signature must be printed, signed, scanned and sent electronically to the CGPA and also originals must be sent by ordinary mail.

At the request of the Secretary, the candidate must provide original documents for review.

To cover the expenses for maintaining the Registry when applying for inclusion in the Registry Applicants pay an application fee determined by the CGPA Management Board.

At the suggestion of Secretary, or another member of the Board the candidate may be invited to the interview with member of the Board, the results of interview are taken into account while deciding on the inclusion in the Registry.

A candidate may be refused to be included in the Registry if:

  • he does not meet requirements to the Corporate Director provided herein;
  • he did not deliver documents or copies foreseen by this Regulation in time or provide inaccurate or incomplete information;
  • subjective judgments of members of the Board on the non-preparedness in general to recommend a candidate as a member of the Supervisory Board.

The decision to include (or refusal to include) the Applicant to the Registry shall be taken within four months after the date of application.

Entries are made in the Registry within three working day after the positive decision of the Board.

During three days the Secretary gives the person who was included in the Registry the letter confirming the fact of the inclusion in the Registry.

The decision to refuse to include in the Registry is noted to the candidate within three working days after the adoption the refusal.

Corporate Director may be removed from the Registry by the decision of the Board in case of:

  • the death or loss of capacity;
  • the detection of non-compliance to corporate directors’ requirements determined by this Regulation;
  • the failure to provide or providing false information for inclusion in the Registry;
  • the gross violation of laws of Ukraine and/or duties as a member of the Supervisory Board as well as the rules and standards of professional activity and business ethics;
  • the disqualification to hold management positions and be elected as a member of the supervisory boards of legal entities in accordance with the law.

For more details contact, please, Kozoriz Nataliya:
Tel .: +38 (044) 228-87-59, e-mail: registry@cgpa.com.ua