The Registry is formed and maintained by a special body of the CGPA – the Registry Advisory Board (hereinafter - the Board), which is created by the decision of the CGPA Management Board and includes at least five members for one year.

During the term of tenure in accordance with the decision of the Management Board with the consent of all members of the Board the number of members of the Board can be increased with the appointment of new members to the remaining term.

Main activities of the Registry Advisory Board:

  • to define the general, reputation and professional requirements for candidates who wish to be included in the Registry;
  • to determine the internal procedures of the Board and to approve the regulations that regulate them;
  • to decide on the inclusion of candidates in the Registry or, in certain cases, the exclusion from it;
  • to support the professionals from the Registry to be elected to the supervisory boards of the legal entities by informing the business community and executive bodies about the professionals included in the Registry, and about their competencies, by providing relevant recommendations, by assisting in preparing the necessary documents, etc. ;
  • to provide the CGPA, if necessary, with the proposals concerning improvement of the legal environment in the field of corporate governance and related industries.

Members of the Registry Advisory Board  

Olena Voloshina, head of the IFC in Ukraine. Coordinating the activities of the IFC in Ukraine, is responsible for attracting investments and oversees the existing investment projects. Actively involved in the work of IFC advisory projects in Ukraine.

Olyana Gordiyenko, Associate Director, Governance in Economics, Policy and Governance department of European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).Olyana’s background includes 15 years of experience as a corporate/M&А lawyer with the international law firm Baker&McKenzie. In September 2016 Olyana has been appointed by the President of Ukraine as the first female Commissioner with the National Securities and Stock Market Commission. 

Oleksandr Zavada, executive director of "Oranta". In 1992 -2001 the first Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. Since 2011, Chairman of the Public Council of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. Since 2002 he has been working in senior positions in "Oranta". Since 2008 - Chairman of the Nuclear Insurance Pool. Since 2008, president, member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Insurance Federation.


Mark Iwashko, Member of the Board, member of the Finance / Audit and Corporate Governance Group of Companies "Nova Poshta". Professional with 20 years experience in the investment business. Co-founder of Horizon Capital, one of the largest in Ukraine and regional investment funds. He received three degrees in the United States (among them - MBA Harvard).


Yaroslav Kinakh, President of Iskander Energy Corporation. More than 25 years working in corporate and international finance at Toronto Dominion Bank. From 1995 to 1999 he headed the EBRD in Ukraine. He has an MBA degree from Columbia University.


Igor Mitiukov, Chairman of the Board JSC "National Depository of Ukraine". Special Representative of the Government of Ukraine to the European Union (1995-1997). Minister of Finance of Ukraine (1997-2001). In 2002-2005 - Ambassador of Ukraine in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Since March 2008 he has headed the Ukrainian office of US investment bank «Morgan Stanley».

Oleksander Okuniev, CEO of the Corporate Governance Professional Association. Consultant in International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Ukraine (1996-2001), IIB (2001-2012) and the Ukrainian Institute of Corporate Governance (since 2012.). Author of several books and more than 60 publications on the corporate law and governance.

With consent of the Board the CGPA Management Board appoints the Secretary of the Board, who is not the member of the Board.

Main activities of the Secretary of the Board:

  • to organize the Board’s meetings; captures the results of voting at meetings of the Board; signs the minutes of meetings of the Board;
  • to organize the survey if the Board meets in absentia;
  • to maintain the Registry and provides  information from the Registry;
  • to inform the CGPA Management Board about the work of the Board;
  • to perform other organizational and technical functions for the Board’s operation.


By the decision of the CGPA Management Board Oleg Trypolskyi was appointed as the Secretary of Registry Advisory Board: 097-501-56-55, e-mail:

Oleg Trypolskyi is a member of the CGPA. 1993-1998, 2000-2010 - Deputy Head, Department Head, Deputy Head of the Secretariat’s Office of the Cabinet of Ministers. In 1999 Deputy Chairman of the National Agency for the Management of State Corporate Rights. In 1999-2007, a member of the supervisory boards of a number of large joint-stock companies with a state shareholding.